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What is Equine Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy (or halotherapy, from Greek halos, meaning salt) aims to replicate the microclimate found in salt caves. It was observed by a Polish doctor in the 1840s that workers in salt mines did not develop respiratory conditions. Dry salt particles are kept at a constant concentration in the treatment room or stable, which the horse inhales and absorbs through the skin simultaneously. This treats respiratory conditions, skin problems, and mineral deficiencies. Performance horses with no specific health problems also benefit from increased lung function and improved overall wellbeing.

Why use Salt Therapy?

Horses with respiratory conditions including asthma, COPD, simple hay or winter coughs, and many other problems can benefit from salt therapy. This does not replace veterinary treatment, but can be an excellent natural complement, even reducing the need for antibiotics in some cases. Sometimes drug treatments need to be avoided, and salt therapy can be of use as a natural alternative.

Sweet itch, ringworm, mud fever, and skin allergies can be notoriously difficult to treat. Any owner of an itchy horse will understand the woes of topical lotions and potions, feed supplements, and sweet itch rugs. Salt therapy uses the natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt to treat skin problems from the inside and outside. Salt landing on the horse’s skin and coat will be absorbed, while inhalation of salt particles also reduces inflammation and irritation. Some cases of ringworm and similar conditions may initially appear to worsen before they improve, which is a result of the ‘drawing out’ effect of salt therapy, addressing the root cause of these issues.

Salt therapy is also popular for racehorses and other hard-working equines. The mucolytic effect of the dry salt aerosol clears the airways, improving lung function. Increased oxygen intake and carbon dioxide removal will naturally improve performance of the high-end equine athlete. This can be used pre- and post-competition to boost performance and recovery, and is completely competition legal. Along with its anti-inflammatory effects, this is the reason salt therapy can also benefit a huge range of horses with no particular medical or performance issues.

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We would love to hear from you

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