Horse Hydrotherapy in Surrey, Horse Rehabilitation and fittness

Treadmills are now used by most leading riders and trainers as part of their regular training programmes.  Their use covers all disciplines from racing to dressage and hunting to eventing.  It is fully endorsed by veterinarians and leading remedial farriers for rehabilitation purposes and can be used with or without water, as desired. 


Our treadmill has been designed and developed by a leading FEI vet who has worked with water treadmills for nearly 20 years and who offers consultation to us. 


During a normal session a horse will have a warm up period before water is added so as not to cause muscle fatigue due to the resistance experienced when walking through water.  Session intensity can be increased by regulating the treadmill speed and/or depth of the water.  Water’s resistance is proportional to the effort required to move against it. It is this resistance within a controlled environment that provides a less concussive and higher workout intensity compared to land exercise.

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